$300 Billion Broadband Scandal

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New investigative ebook offers a micro-history of Verizon, SBC, Qwest, and BellSouth's (the Bell companies) fiber optic broadband promises and the consequence harms to America's economic growth because they never delivered and kept most of the money, about $200 billion.

Are customers owed $2000 for a fiber optic service they paid for but never received?


Broadband Scandal contains some additional special chapters.

16th in the World in Broadband

This is one of the largest scandals in American history.

What's in the Book
  • By 2006, 86 million households should have been rewired with a fiber optic wire, capable of 45 Mbps, in both directions. -- read the promises.
  • The public subsidies for infrastructure were pocketed. The phone companies collected over $200 billion in higher phone rates and tax perks, about $2000 per household.
  • The World is Laughing at US. Korea and Japan have 100 Mbps services as standard, and America could have been Number One had the phone companies actually delivered. Instead, we are 16th in broadband and falling in technology dominance.
  • Harm to the economy. Five trillion dollars was lost because new technologies and services that America would have developed, happened in Korea.
  • Municipalities around America are waking up to the fact that the phone companies failed to deliver and are now doing Wifi and fiber-based work-arounds.-
  • Fake and co-opted consumer groups, biased non-profit think tanks are now the major force in broadband regulation and policy. The book goes into groups like Consumers for Cable Choice...
  • SBC’s IPTV Lies: Do the Math; SBC now claims that they will have 18 million homes wired by 2007, and yet the equipment still has problems.

Verizon’s "FIASCO" and SBC’s’ "Dim-Speed" — Verizon and SBC are rolling out new fiber optic services but want the laws changed again. These services are crippled, closed networks. FIOS’s top speed is only 35% of the Asian standard, and yet it cost $199 vs Korea, $40 for 100 Mbps.

Merger Harms: Broadband Scandal Outlines the Broadband and Competition Harms, caused by the Bell mergers.

Broadband Scandal Used as Documentation for an Federal Trade Commission Complaint AT&T-SBC and Verizon-MCI mergers should never have occured because the phone companies failed to deliver on broadband and compete. The book's data is used for this complaint.

Read the chapter (a mini-report in iteself) on how SBC-Southwestern Bell- Pacific-Bell-SNET-Ameritech mergers harmed 13 states' fiber deployments.